Athlete Relocation at Fever Pitch in July

relocation If we were asked what is the busiest time of year for athlete relocation, chances are we would answer July.  Note we did not say the busiest time for professional sports because that would most likely be October when all four major professional leagues are playing; but if we are talking about actual relocation of athletes or the possibility of relocation, July probably wins hands-down.

Why?  Just look at what is happening in July, 2016.

NBA free agency is now into its second week. Forty free agents have already signed deals with teams.  There are still ten big-name free agents left to do so.  That is fifty professional basketball players who will be relocating to a new teams very shortly.

Baseball?  The MLB trade deadline rapidly approaches.  In fact, this year it is August 1, meaning for the next eighteen days, teams will be trading players in an attempt to make the playoffs or bolster their team for next year. Currently there are fourteen teams in a wild card chase and the six divisional leaders….twenty teams who have a very good reason to trade players…and the bottom feeders of the league are looking to dump high salaries…so let’s call it forty teams in trade mode, and that means a great many MLB players about to face relocation.

Football?  The NFL training camps will be opening on July 25th.  That means you can count on a great many players being cut, picked up on waivers or traded as July comes to an end.

Let’s say, just for the sake of discussion, that in professional sports, during the month of July, at least two-hundred professional athletes will be relocating to a new team before July closes.

Yes, July is definitely a busy month for athlete relocation.

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