Athlete Relocation Takes No Vacation

SR-2 The NBA Draft has come and gone, as has the MLB Draft, two events which point to the fact that athlete relocation takes no vacation.

It is a statement of fact.  If you are a professional athlete, you are seemingly constantly on the move.  Let’s take right now for an example.  Here we are, the last few days of June, and what is happening?  New draftees in the NBA and MLB are now reporting to their new teams.  NFL players are preparing for summer training camp.  Baseball players are being shuttled from the minors to the majors.  The MLB trade deadline is one month away as teams adjust their rosters for a pennant drive.  A new hockey franchise is opening in Las Vegas and that means hundreds of players and support staff will be moving.

And oh, yes, soccer and the Summer Olympics are happening or about to happen.

Did we mention the PGA tour?

And with each sport mentioned above there are literally dozens of players on the move, relocating, having their lives tossed upside down as they move to a new location and start a new life.

It’s exhausting just writing about all that activity, but if it’s you involved in it, there is no wonder why relocation is such a stressful event for a professional athlete.

But it doesn’t have to be!

The pros at take the stress out of athlete relocation.

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