The DeMarcus Cousins Trade Analysis

The DeMarcus Cousins trade beat the NBA trade deadline, set for February 23rd at 3:00 p.m. E.T., and in the process shook up the NBA.  Heads are shaking as analysts try to understand what in the world the Kings were thinking in making this trade immediately after the end of the NBA All-Star Game. Let’s take a look at this trade and try to understand it better.

New Orleans received DeMarcus Cousins, arguably the best big man in the NBA, and forward Omri Casspi.  The Kings received Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway, and a 1st or 2nd Round draft pick.

Holy Moly, Batman!

The Pelicans were struggling to stay above .500 and their coach was sitting on a luke-warm seat that was threatening to get very hot very soon.  Then, all of a sudden, one of the ten best NBA players joins your team, paired with another of the ten best players in the league, and they didn’t have to give up the proverbial farm to do it.

The Kings, meanwhile, believe they now have a solid player in Hield, who is three years younger than Cousins, and they got rid of a player they considered to be a distraction.

But still, it is hard to see this in a positive light for the Kings.  Look for Cousins and Anthony Davis to spur on a second-half run for the Pelicans, and look for Kings’ fans to be shaking their heads when the season ends.

All of this, of course, the DeMarcus Cousins trade and other transactions, points to the unpredictability of the NBA with regards to athlete relocation.  One just never knows when the time has arrived for a relocation to another pro franchise.  Baseball players “on the bubble” certainly understand that truth as Spring Training begins in Arizona and Florida.  But relocation assistance is available.

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