Important Qualities in Athlete Relocation Business

IMG_2320-e1404177031976 “Those of us in the spotlight learn very quickly who we can trust to manage our affairs.  We need discreet professionalism, and when it comes to leasing properties, I have found Ikem to be very trustworthy.”  Dwayne Carter Lil Wayne

“From Los Angeles to Miami, I look to Ikem and his team to handle my real estate transactions.  He’s got my back and I can appreciate that.”  Cortez Bryant

I do not share those testimonials with you to impress you but rather to point out a couple very important facts about athlete relocation and dealing with celebrities.

Dwayne’s comment highlights the importance of trust and discreet professionalism, two characteristics we pride ourselves on at  How else would we stay in this business for over a decade?  Celebrities have to know they can trust their relocation agent.  They want to know that their financial dealings are not going to be splashed across newspapers and that their lives will remain as private as possible.

Cortez brings up the point that is affiliated in all fifty states and that we can handle real estate transactions anywhere.  He trusts us, he knows we have his back, and that kind of trust is rare in the world of entertainment and professional sports.

When it comes time for your next relocation, go with the people you can trust.  Go with

Sports Relocation, Inc. Sports Relocation, Inc assist players/coaches of all professional sports leagues including the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing their Real Estate & Relocation needs. Ikem Chukumerije is licensed to practice real estate in New York, California, Nevada, Florida, & Georgia. Sports Relocation, Inc operates nationwide and provides elite athlete relocation services in all 50 states and internationally.