Minor League Baseball Realities

Minor League Baseball realities are far-removed from the Major League realities.  We recently wrote an article about the MLB Draft 2017: What Happens After the Draft, in which we detailed the signings of draftees and how they are then shipped off to various levels in the minor league systems. But what happens then? What is life like for a minor league baseball player?

One thing we can say, with total certainty, is that it is not glamorous.

Minor League baseball players, for instance, receive $25 per day for meals.  Their lives during the season revolve around practicing, playing the games, eating, sleeping, and traveling to and fro. Some are allowed to have their families with them.  Some live in housing donated by team donors.  Some are lucky enough to have an entire apartment  complex rented for the team for the season.  Most share rides, and most support each other and their families.

Many minor league players must work jobs during the off-season, especially those with families.

Most wives of minor leaguers don’t have jobs, mainly because of the erratic schedule of their husbands, and also because they are only in town during the season and then they move back home again.  Thus, couples live on the husband’s earnings as a minor league player, meaning between $1500-$2000 per month.  It is not a glamorous life but one played for the sheer love of the game . . . and the dream of one day getting a call to the Big Show!

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