NFL Draft Order 2017

NFL Draft order for 2017 has been determined now that the regular season has ended, and the Number One pick overall will go to the Cleveland Browns.  The Browns narrowly beat out the San Francisco 49ers for the top pick in the NFL draft order. The rest of the draft order in the first round will go like this:

#3 Chicago #4 Jacksonville #5 Tennessee #6 New York Jets #7 San Diego #8 Carolina Panthers #9 Cincinnati #10 Buffalo #11 New Orleans #12 Cleveland #13 Arizona #14 Indianapolis #15 Philadelphia #16 Baltimore #17 Washington #18 Tennessee #19 Tampa Bay #20 Denver #21 Detroit #22 Miami #23 New York Giants #24 Oakland #25 Houston #26 Green Bay #27 Seattle #28 OPittsburg #29 Atlanta #30 Kansas City #31 Dallas #32 New England.

The annual NFL Draft will occur April 27-29 in Philadelphia, at which time thirty-two teams will choose college players in an attempt to take the next step towards playing in the Super Bowl.  Each player chosen means a decision must be made concerning the active roster as well as the practice squads, and each decision made means some players will be cut, some will be traded, and some will be let go to hopefully find another team to play for.  Toss in the inevitable injuries and it is easy to see that the NFL never rests, that it is a twelve-month period of athlete relocation.

How many player transactions are there during the NFL season and off-season?  Literally hundreds involving multiple-hundreds of players who must be ready, at a moment’s notice, to relocate to another team, another city, and that means complete upheaval and a sense of insecurity, especially for those players who are considered “on the fringe,” at risk of being traded or let go practically any day of the season and in need of relocation assistance.

Such is the nature of the NFL and athlete relocation.

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