NFL Injury Reports

nfl-cuts NFL injury reports come out each week on the Friday before a Sunday game, and lately those reports have been quite interesting.

Just this last week, fifty-nine players were listed on the NFL injury reports as “out” of that Sunday’s game, and another twenty-two were listed as “questionable.”  One team, the Seattle Seahawks, had seven starters out for the game against New Orleans.  Read that again . . . seven starters!

What’s up with all these injuries of late?  Is the NFL becoming more violent despite league efforts to protect players?  Are the training programs inadequate?  Is this simply a case of bad luck run rampant throughout the league?

Whatever the answer is, the situation draws attention to the very nature of professional sports, and the tenuous hold all athletes have on their careers and the stability of their careers.  Injuries happen!  Period!  Trades happen, free agency happens, and on and on we go, where the athlete will end up, nobody knows.

A player gets injured, relocation happens.  A player gets traded, relocation happens.  A player moves from injured-reserve to active status, relocation happens.

And as anyone who has been through it can tell you, relocation can be a pain in the neck.

Are you ready for your next relocation?  Are you ready for the turmoil this relocation will cause in your life?  Do you have a plan in place to protect you in case you are injured or find yourself facing an immediate relocation?

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