Professional Athlete Relocation

Professional Athlete Relocation At The Sports Relocation Agency we are all about helping professional athletes relocate to their new cities and homes, and probably at no other time is there so much professional athlete relocation than during the month of August as NFL teams conduct training camps to prepare for the upcoming season.

Thirty-two teams with 90 players in each camp, that’s 2,880 players all trying to make the final cut and be part of the 53 man roster.  That means 1,696 players will make it and the remaining 1,184 players will be looking to catch on with another team.  To say this is a crazy month would be a gross understatement.

Professional Athlete Relocation News

Let’s take a look at the transactions that have happened in just the past few days.

  • August 7th four players signed and one acquired from waivers
  • August 6th seven players signed and one acquired from waivers
  • August 5th four players signed
  • August 4th five players signed
  • August 3rd five players signed
  • August 2nd eight players signed and two acquired from waivers.

So far fifteen players have been lost to season-ending injuries and we are still a week away from the first preseason game and the carousel continues.

Professional athlete Relocation Services

When the final decisions are made players will have a couple of days to notify their families where their new home will be and then arrange to find new living arrangements and have their belongings shipped to their new home.

This is where The Sports Relocation Agency comes into the picture.  We know that this is problematic and and the last thing a professional athlete wants to think about. Moving vehicles, possessions and finding living arrangements but it doesn’t have to be a major hassle.  One call to our office and we can get the ball rolling to take care of all of these nagging tasks.

Our full-service business takes care of all facets of relocation for a professional athlete. We can find short-term or long-term living accommodations for you and we can have your vehicles transported as well as have your belongings shipped.  We'll handle all of that so all you have to do is concentrate on being the best player you can be. The Sports Relocation Agency is here to free you up and allow you to do what you do best so play ball!

By Ikem Chukumerije