Psychological Stress of Relocation

Stress of Relocation . . . Make no mistake about it, there are very real psychological stress of relocation associated with pulling up stakes and moving to a new home.  In survey after survey stress in daily life, relocation, or moving, is always in the Top Five of stress-producers. Whether you are a frequent mover, or you rarely move at all, the process of relocation is a psychological experience as well as an emotional one.  These emotional feelings, the stress of relocation, are usual tied into the hope for a new beginning, previous crushing disappointments, loss, anxiety, fear and symbolism of past events.

Moving away from ones home is, in a very real sense, like moving from an area of safety to an area of the unknown, and that causes stress.

Another factor associated with relocation is the anxiety over the real estate market.  Will you be able to sell your previous home? Can you find a suitable new home? Will you take a loss on the sale, or will you be buying a home of equal or lesser quality in the new city.  These thoughts can keep a person up at night, tossing and turning with worry.

Packing and sorting through one’s possessions in preparation for the move can be a traumatic experience for many, and in some can cause severe depression.  Then, of course, there are financial concerns in trying to secure financing for the new home, and concerns over the daily minutia involved with relocating, contacting essential services, arranging for a mover, arranging for the transport of vehicles, and the list goes on and on.

Is it any wonder that many people are now turning to relocation experts to handle every aspect of relocation?

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