Real Estate as an Investment in 2017

Real Estate as an investment in 2017 is a great option, but the old saying “location, location, location,” still stands true this year. A typical scenario we see all the time at Sports Relocation, Inc., is the athlete who signs a new contract. Signing that contract means more money, and more money means thoughts of investment.  Let’s face it, the average playing lifespan of a professional athlete is only seven years, seven out of seventy or eighty for the entire life, so it is important to make wise investments while under contract so that when the playing days are over, you are comfortable.  Preparing for retirement from professional sports should always begin early in your career.

As you might suspect, since we are in the real estate business as well as the relocation business, we are pretty comfortable speaking about real estate as an investment.  However, we do not randomly suggest real estate investment for every athlete in every situation.  Our job is to advise wisely, to help you, the investor, and build a relationship based on mutual trust.

2017 has its share of hot markets, to be sure. Florida and California are gold in 2017.  In fact, eight of the top ten real estate markets are in either Florida or California, but here is where you need a professional to guide you. Florida and California are big states.  There is a whole lot of real estate to look at, and some of it is good and some of it is bad.  Location, Location, Location!

Do you pay cash or settle in for a real estate loan?  Do you buy investment property, like an apartment building, or do you buy single-family homes?

These are difficult questions and they require a professional to answer them.  That is our best advice: hire a pro who is knowledgeable and comes with a solid reputation.  Your financial future is too important to place in the hands of an amateur.

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