Renting for Super Bowl 50

Sports Relocation Athlete Relocation Super Bowl 50 will be played a little over one month from today, on February 7, 2016, and that means the scramble for short-term living accommodations is in full-swing as of this writing.  Hotels between San Francisco and Santa Clara, forty-five miles away, are filling up quickly and that means those attending the game in need of suitable housing will turn next to short-term home rentals.

Are you considering turning your home into a rental for the Super Bowl?  If so, consider the following:

  • All short-term rental hosts must register with the City of San Francisco, and that registration must happen in person. The Planning Department will then issue a mandatory registration number for rental periods of less than thirty nights.  Again, this is mandatory, so don’t delay.
  • Give careful consideration regarding the location of your rental. Homes in San Francisco will rent quicker than homes in Santa Clara simply because most of the Super Bowl festivities will take place in San Francisco.  The closer your home is to the action, the better the chance of renting it at premium prices.
  • Timing will affect price. The closer we get to the game date, the more suitable homes will be desired and that means premium pricing.

The flip-side of this conversation is this:  If you are looking for short-term accommodations for the Super Bowl, do not delay, and if you need help securing a good location, give us a call.  Short-term rentals are just one of the things we specialize in.

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