Selling a Home at the Right Price

peppers Selling a home is never easy during the best of times.  So many factors influence the real estate market and at times it may seem, to some sellers, like the right buyer will never come along.

That is why one of the most important decisions you will make, when selling your home, is deciding on the right listing price.  Studies have been conducted and results show that pricing your home appropriately and realistically from the beginning of the process will greatly aid in your home selling faster.

Listen, we understand.  All sellers want as much as they can get for their home, but sometimes there is a large gap between wanting and being realistic.  Pricing your home too high will, most likely, discourage buyers from even looking at your home, let alone buying it.  In a neighborhood of comparative homes, pricing your home too high might even encourage buyers to buy one of your neighbor’s homes rather than yours.

Buyers are not only looking to buy a home that has the features they want; they also want to feel like they are getting good value in buying your home, and they will not feel that way if your home is priced too high.  A home that has been priced to gain attention, build excitement and encourage action will do the best during the first month of listing.

Sit down with your real estate agent.  Listen to his advice.  Discuss your concerns and needs.  Look, of course, at the prices of comparable homes, and the make an informed decision.

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