Should You Sell Your Home in Spring 2015?

yolanda smith sports relocation Should you sell your home now?

Let me give you a few things to think about.

Statistically, March and April, nationally, are the best months to sell your home, with homes selling, on average, fifteen percent faster and for two percent more money.  Why that is may be anyone’s guess, but over the years the statistics do not lie.

Right now we are experiencing a low housing supply, and because of the laws of supply and demand, a low supply means quicker sales and higher selling prices.

Interest rates remain, relatively speaking, low, but do not expect them to stay low for much longer.  Experts expect more buyers to enter the market in the coming months to take advantage of those low interest rates in expectation of higher rates coming soon.

Finally, rental prices are rising nationally.  In the past five years rental rates have increased by fifteen percent, and at the same time income growth has not matched that increase.  That simply means there is less reason to rent and, conversely, more reason to buy at this time, and more buyers is always a good thing for sellers.

Are these rules and observations etched in stone?  Is selling a home ever a sure thing?  Of course not, but indicators point to this spring as being an excellent time to sell your home or real estate.

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