Sports Agent or Relocation Agent? Which is Needed?

athlete “I’ve already got a sports agent.  Why do I need a relocation agent as well?

That question is heard in our offices quite often, so let’s take a look at it this morning.

What is your sports agent good at? That’s the question you need to ask yourself.  He/she is good at negotiating contracts.  They are good at promoting you and getting your paying gigs.  Some are even good at taking care of your long-range financial future.  They have expertise in these things and they are worth their weight in gold when they do their duties well.

But there are some things they simply are not trained to do.  There are some things they don’t have the network needed to take care of, and one of those things is the broad category of relocation.  A sports agent knows nothing about the real estate market.  They know nothing about finding the best car transport company, and they know nothing about which movers are trustworthy and which are not.  They do not know how to secure immediate short-term housing, they cannot arrange to find renters for your previous housing and they cannot recommend bankers and other financial experts in most major cities in the country.

This is not an “either-or” situation.  A good athlete relocation agent will work in concert with a sports agent, and both of them will work to provide the best experience possible for the professional athlete.  Both have areas of expertise.  There may or may not be some areas of overlap, but wouldn’t you rather have some overlap rather than some gaping holes that are not addressed?

The next time relocation is required, go with the experts who understand the relocation process.  We’ll work with your team to provide, for you, the best relocation process possible.

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