Vacation Rental Services for You

palm springsCheck out our link on our website that says “Vacation Rental Services.” You see, athlete relocation isn’t just about moving you to a new city.  At we look at the bigger picture of life.  We start with the basic premise that a professional athlete is a busy person, bombarded with decisions and responsibilities.  Most do not have the time to handle all the tasks associated with a move of any kind, long-term or short-term.

So we had this idea.  As we were building our network of professional athletes and celebrities, we started compiling a list of those who would be willing to rent out their luxury real estate for vacationing athletes.  We kept our eyes open for other properties as well because we have a very active real estate company.  We are affiliated in all fifty states, so, as you might suspect, our network grew, as did our list of vacation homes.

All of this is great news for you, of course, because it means that if you are planning a vacation, and you don’t want to spend a week or two in a hotel, we can find the perfect luxury vacation home for you.  Our goal is to pair you with property that provides the highest levels of relaxation, privacy and sophistication.

We provide you with what you need.

We provide you with what you want.

We make your next vacation happen.

Try us out.  Give us a call, tell us where you want to vacation, and then let us work our magic with our vacation rental services.

Sports Relocation, Inc. Sports Relocation, Inc assist players/coaches of all professional sports leagues including the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and entertainers relocate nationwide by servicing their Real Estate & Relocation needs. Ikem Chukumerije is licensed to practice real estate in New York, California, Nevada, Florida, & Georgia. Sports Relocation, Inc operates nationwide and provides elite athlete relocation services in all 50 states and internationally.