MLB off-season began last Sunday for twenty of the thirty MLB teams.  Ten lucky, and skilled, teams go on to the playoffs; twenty teams begin looking at the reasons why they are not attending the post-season party.

Trades and deals cannot be made in Major League Baseball until the end of the World Series, but that does not mean serious planning is not happening.  By this time of the year teams have already identified their major weaknesses and needs.  They are fully aware of their shortcomings.  They know whether they need pitching, hitting, or fielding, they know how much money they have to spend on those shortcomings, and they know what they have in the minor leagues in the way of help.

General managers are fully aware of what other teams have in the way of help, what other teams need during the MLB off-season, and where potential trades might be had, and they are fully aware of the 2018 MLB free agent class.

Sabermetrics are being applied as we speak, computers are spitting out results, and sooner, rather than later, a game plan will be devised by all thirty teams as they prepare for the 2018 season.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the player-management spectrum, players on the twenty teams which did not make the playoffs can now enjoy, realistically, the only month of the year when they are not in danger of being traded or dealt for . . . one month when they are not a commodity on the open baseball market.

Welcome to October, the month of serious, win-or-go-home games occur for ten teams, and when dreaming of better days occurs for twenty other teams.

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