MLB Winter Meetings have hit the ground running this week in Orlando, a complete on-eighty from the way these meetings are usually conducted.

Normally the MLB Winter Meetings are fairly predictable.  All MLB teams go to the meetings with a shopping list. They all have a fairly good idea what they want and what they are willing to give up to gain what they want.  The meetings are used as sort of a feeling-out process, where general managers lay the groundwork for future trades, which usually occur a few weeks after the meetings.

Not so this year!

Before the first general manager even arrived in Orlando, the Los Angeles Angels dropped a bombshell by signing Ohtani, the Japanese Babe Ruth and the most highly-sought after foreign player in years.  And then the bags had barely been unpacked in Orlando and the Yankees announced a tentative deal with free agent Stanton; subsequently Stanton waved his no-trade clause and the Evil Yankee Empire had once again signed a megastar to a long-range, incredibly expensive contract.

And the meetings are only 24-hours old.  What more could happen?

The suspicions are that a lot will be happening because of the signings of Stanton and Ohtani.  Several clubs are in dire need of starting pitching.  Several clubs, like the Boston Red Sox, will now feel compelled to respond to the Stanton signing with a megadeal of their own.  There is a feeling among baseball executives that this could be the most active Winter Meetings ever held, and quite possibly the richest ever held as well.

Things are heating up in Orlando despite the calendar saying it is winter.  The shape of the baseball landscape is about to shift dramatically in the next few days.

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