Thanksgiving wishes to all of you, from our staff to your family, a simple statement, but one which carries a great amount of gratefulness.

When we began this company, Sports Relocation, Inc., it was on a wing and a prayer.  We had a reputation in the real estate world, we had a few contacts, but other than that we had zero credibility in the relocation business.  What we offered our early clients was a reputation for honesty, diligence, discreetness, and hard work.

It was enough!

Some of you took a chance with us.  A car transport here, a short-term living accommodation there, and slowly we built a reputation as a company which got things done when we said we would do them.

Today we are one of the leading professional athlete and entertainer relocation companies in the country, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

So thank you!

Thanksgiving wishes to you all.  We wish the happiest of Thanksgivings to you all.

And we make you a promise to go along with your Thanksgiving meal. Call it an extra helping of dessert if you will.

We promise to continue to work hard to hold onto your trust.  We promise to continue to conduct our affairs with lips sealed in the strictest of confidentiality.  We promise to deliver when we say we will deliver, and we promise to treat your needs as though they were our needs.

These things we promise you in a spirit of gratefulness.

A long time ago, some of you took a chance with us.

We won’t forget it!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!