The 2016 NFL Season Begins

nfl-cutsThe 2016 NFL season begins in earnest tomorrow, Thursday, August 11th, when six preseason games commence. Teams are tired of pounding on each other in practice, and tomorrow gives them an opportunity to take out a little aggression on someone in a different uniform. Another full schedule of preseason games will begin on August 18th, and another on the 25th, and still another on September 1st, and then the real thing begins September 8th with the meeting of Carolina and Denver. Sixty-four preseason games in four weeks as teams try to find the perfect combination of players for their system.

Who will emerge from the 2016 NFL season as the best of the best in February, 2017?

Before we find out the answer to that question, thousands of drills, thousands of tackles, hundreds of injuries and hundreds of player transactions will have to happen. Millions of miles will have to be travelled. Hundreds of dreams will have to end as some careers, sadly, will come to the end of the playing road.

Welcome to the National Football League, 2016!

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