MLB Trades After Deadline

  The MLB trades deadline has come and gone, leaving baseball fans everywhere to ask:  what happens now in the world of trading?

The MLB trades deadline does not, contrary to popular belief, signal the end of trades.  It simply moves teams to the next stage of trading called “trade waivers,” or “special waivers.”

It goes like this:

Starting August 1st each year, teams can put players on “special waivers.”  Any player who can possibly be traded can be put on waivers and if they are claimed by another club, the original club can call the waiver back without losing the player.  If the player is not claimed off waivers within the designated 48-hour period, he can then be traded to any MLB club during the month of August.

You might be surprised how many players are put on waivers each year.  It is truly the majority of players on the MLB rosters since there is no real danger of “losing” a player.  It’s a win-win situation in most cases as teams who really do want to trade a player hope that player will clear waivers after 48-hours, then giving the team the freedom of trading that player.

Teams who do claim a player off of waivers better be prepared to take on the contract of that player immediately since the parent club can just decide to let that player go if claimed.

So don’t be surprised if you see MLB trades still happening during August despite the end of the trade deadline.

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