Athlete Real Estate - Marketing Your Home to Professional Athletes and Celebrities

Athlete Real Estate - Marketing Your Home to Professional Athletes and Celebrities

Athlete Real Estate

Athlete Real Estate, Celebrities and their requirements

When price is not an issue, what then do professional athletes and celebrities look for in a home?

Professional Athletes have a unique list of “needs” that they are concerned with when buying or leasing a home.  Unlike normal buyers, athletes must keep in mind the nature of their profession and what that means to their living arrangements.  Of course they are interested in the school systems if they have children, and of course being close by to conveniences is always a factor, but because of their lifestyle those “needs” are overshadowed by the following:

  • Secured access:  athletes are in the public eye constantly, and as public figures they realize that their adoring fans often want access when the athlete wants some alone time.  Having a way to control who comes and goes from their property is very important.
  • Privacy:  closely related to the secured access, athletes who are constantly in the public eye greatly value the ability to get away from it all.
  • Modern architecture:  the overwhelming preference among professional athletes is a newer, or modern, home.
  • Upgrades:  the latest in modern conveniences and extras are always a great selling point that attracts a professional athlete.
  • Pool/sauna/fitness:  entertaining and relaxation are key points considered by these elite athletes.
  • Center Room:  a great place to entertain indoors, comfortable and large enough to handle large parties.
  • High ceilings:  these lend an air of grand design to a home and they are preferred by most professional athletes.
  • City & water views:  the best pay for the best, and lavish views of the city, river, lake or ocean are very desirable.
  • Multiple car garage and large parking area:  again, entertaining friends is important to athletes and they need ample room to handle the vehicles of guests as well as the multiple vehicles that the home owner owns.
  • 2 stories/levels:  generally speaking the ground floor is for living and entertaining; the upper floor for family residence/bedrooms.
  • Large closets: a lavish lifestyle means lavish accessories, and the pros need room for all of their clothes and shoes.
  • Large backyard/acreage:  for those athletes with children, a large yard is very important, a place to play that is still private and protected.
  • Man-cave:  a large room for the athlete to play in, generally a game room, pool room, home theater or other such pursuits.
  • Large kitchen for chefs:  again with an eye on future entertaining and parties.
  • Integrated home entertainment system:  the best want the best.
  • His & hers bathrooms:  generally speaking the more bathrooms the better, but specifically the pros prefer to have separate bathrooms for the man and wife.

Does your present home meet most of these needs? If so, there just might be a professional athlete interested in buying it. Start by Clicking Here.

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