Baseball Winter Meetings Begin

Baseball Winter Meetings begin this week in Washington D.C., and the events happening during this week will greatly affect a number of MLB teams. One week of the MLB and the MLBPA agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement, good through 2021, it is now time for the Annual Baseball Winter Meetings.

Events happening this week include the PBEO Job Fair, an opportunity for job seekers to meet with team representatives and even interview for any jobs available.  Hey, most of these jobs are entry level in the Minor Leagues, but it’s a way to break down the door and get into baseball.

There is also the Baseball Trade Show happening with vendors from around the country hawking their wares.  There are a number of workshops to attend, a Hall of Fame class to announce, and an Awards Gala to attend.

But all of that is window-dressing compared to the meetings happening behind closed doors, and the phone calls answered during lunches and dinners.  It’s during those impromptu discussions that deals are made which will send players packing, a solid week of preparing for athlete relocation which will affect two teams plus, of course, the lives of the athlete.

Championships can be won during these winter meetings, and championships can be lost during them.  Some deals will not be made but instead will be made in the weeks after the meetings, and the Annual Rule 5 Draft will also happen on the final day of the Meetings.

For some players this is a week of anticipation.  For some it is a week of dread.  For baseball fans, it is a week of held breaths and constant hot stove discussions about who will be traded and who will be signed as free agents.

In other words, it’s a great time to be a baseball fan, but an unsettling time to be a free agent, because athlete relocation takes no vacation.

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