Sports Agents and Choosing a Sports Agent

Sports agents and choosing a sports agent, for a professional athlete, just might be the most important business decision that athlete will make during their career.  No matter which sport you may play, no matter what your skill level is, and no matter which position you play, having the right sports agent is crucial in making sure you receive what you deserve to receive. So, what qualities should you look for in a sports agent?  It’s important to consider this question before you hire one of the thousands of sports agents scrambling to make signings each and every year.  Who is the best, not necessarily in the market, but who is best for you?  How can you pick the “right one” out of so many choices?  Who can help you with the psychological stress of relocation?

Consider these factors when choosing a sports agent.

Is the sports agent trustworthy?  We are talking about millions of dollars on the line, and a player must believe, with every fiber of his/her being, that the sports agent is working hard to protect the athlete’s best interests.  If you are a college player just walking into the professional sports arena, ask established players for recommendations.  Who can you trust?

Next on the list of qualifying considerations is this:  is the sports agent brutally honest with you?  Anyone who has dealt with sports agents for any amount of time knows that many of them will promise the moon, and many of them will tell you only that you are great and you deserve top-rated pay.  Even if you are a potential sixth-round draft choice, many agents will tell you that you deserve to be a first-rounder.  It’s simply not realistic and it is not honest.  When dealing with your future, don’t you think you need honesty, even if it’s something you don’t enjoy hearing?

Third, consider the reputation of the sports agent.  Your sports agent represents you to the League.  He or she is an extension of you.  Don’t you think it’s important that they carry a good reputation with the League when representing you?

Fourth, will your sports agent be accessible to you?  You would be amazed how many sports agents out there are hard to reach when their clients have a problem or a concern.  Is this really who you want representing you, someone who ducks and runs when he has no desire to speak to you?  Your sports agent should be accessible all the time, and we do mean all the time.

Finally, will you matter to your sports agent, or are you simply a paycheck to them?  This is particularly important for rookies and journeymen, the lesser-known players on the fringe, in danger year-in-and-year-out of being cut or traded.  It is a tough go of it, never knowing if you are being traded or cut, tough emotionally for you and your family.  Add to that the fact that fringe players don’t make agents as much money as first round draft choices and star players.  Will your agent give you the same attention as he gives the star of the team?  If the answer to that question is yes then you’ve got a winner on your hands.

A new NFL season begins.  A new MLB season begins.  New players come, old players go, but sports agents remain the same. Which one is right for you?

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