The Communication Factor in Any Real Estate Transaction

DSC02086 Guess what is the number one complaint among people who have recently had a real estate transaction, either buying or selling a property?

The title of this article gave the answer away.


People surveyed stated that their number one complaint when buying or selling a home, in any real estate transaction, was the lack of communication they received from their realtor.

Simply amazing!

First and foremost, a real estate agent/broker is in the people business, and the same can be said for an athlete relocation agent.

We are in the people business!

Consider this fact:  at, most of our clients are either professional athletes or celebrities, people who are buying and/or selling multi-million dollar homes.  How long do you think we would be in business if we didn’t communicate with our clients, with that much money at stake?

And yet we’ve been in this business for over a decade, and our client list grows yearly.

What does that tell you about our communication skills?

The next time you face relocation, the next time you face a real estate transaction, ask yourself whether you want to deal with an athlete relocation/real estate agent who is known for excellent communication skills, who has a proven track record, or one who is still learning the ropes in this business.

It’s an important question to ask!

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