Athlete Relocation and Real Estate Investment: A Natural Team

luxury Why are athlete relocation and real estate investment a natural team?

Think about it!

Every professional athlete comes from some city, his/her home city, the place where they live, where they were born, where they have settled down….and….every professional athlete plays his/her sport in another major city for his/her team.  During the season those athletes spend four, five or six months in the home team city, and six, seven or eight months in their regular city of residence.

Few athletes, and we’re talking a very small percentage, actually play for a team in the same city they were born or reside.  It just rarely happens, so that means two home bases for most athletes and that, of course, means two homes.

Let’s also assume that in the home city, the normal residence of that athlete, they own a home.  Again, a large percentage of athletes do this…but what about the other city?  Do they own a home or do they rent/lease a residence?

A surprising number of professional athlete rent/lease in the home team city, and this may not be the best real estate investment move.

Over the long run, real estate appreciates in value.  Over the long run, real estate investment provides passive income if rented to others.  Over the long run, real estate investment provides a high leverage in investing and financing.  Add them all together and they strike a powerful argument for professional athletes purchasing homes in two or more places during their career.

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