Doubts About Buying or Selling a Home

yolanda smith sports relocation If you are having doubts about buying or selling a home, rest assured you are not alone.  Let me share something that recently happened with a customer of ours.

One of our clients recently got traded to another team.  The athlete relocation went smoothly.  We got him situated in some short-term housing in the new city. We arranged for some transportation for him and discussed transporting his vehicle at some point in the near future.  Then the conversation came around to whether he and his wife should sell their former home and buy a new home in the new city.

A fairly common dilemma.

The wife did not want to move. They had two small children and she didn’t want to take them away from their friends.  Still, she thought it was important that their family be together as often as possible, and moving to the new city would help with that.

Eventually they decided to sell their home and move.  We filled out the paperwork and listed their home.  Even showed it on numerous occasions to interested parties.  But then the doubts piled up, and one month after listing the home, my clients decided they really didn’t want to sell, and we took the home off the market.

A fairly common dilemma.  Life happens and we adjust, right?

Buying or selling a home is a big deal, not only from a financial standpoint but also emotionally and psychologically.  Doubts happen.  Indecisions happen.  It’s all right.

Never rush into buying or selling a home.  There are too many alternative plans that can be implemented.  Short-term solutions work until you can make a final decision that you can live with and be happy with.  Talk to your real estate agent.  Express any doubts you have.  Work with him/her for a solution you can be satisfied with.

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