Eliminate the Stress from Selling a Home

Alla Road Front Yard Small Final“Why is selling a home so stressful?” That was the lamentation we recently heard from one of our clients in our Sportsrelocation.com offices.

And do you want to know what our answer was?

“It doesn’t have to be!”

Yes, selling a home is a major financial undertaking, and it can mean major financial gains, or losses, and most certainly means relocating and starting over in a new domicile….but….if you work with experts, most of the stress can be eliminated.

We have found that home-selling stress is often about lack of control.  So many factors involved in selling a home are out of the control of the homeowner.  The fluctuations in the market are certainly out of their control.  The number of available buyers is out of their control.  How supply and demand affect the final selling price is out of their control

And lack of control usually means stress!

Work with a pro.  A professional real estate agent or broker, one who has experience in your market, is invaluable.  They understand the local real estate market.  They have access to market figures and can help you determine the optimum selling price.  They have contacts within the real estate community, contacts that can hasten the sale.

Give up your control.  Work with a professional who understands all factors, and then rest assured that all that should be done is being done.

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