Is Your Real Estate Agent Qualified?

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Having the wrong real estate agent can completely derail your attempts at selling your home.

Obviously, most people understand that, but you might be surprised by the number of people who still shop around for a real estate agent with little or no effort or diligence.

If the sale of your home is one of the most important financial activities you will ever be a part of, and it is, doesn’t it make sense to find the best real estate agent that you can?

Here are some warning signals that are indications that you have the wrong real estate agent:

  • Communication with your agent is sporadic at best. Listen, it is unrealistic to think your real estate agent is going to communicate with you around the clock, but it most definitely is realist to expect periodic and steady communication.
  • If your agent Is lacking confidence, you’ve got the wrong one. When you go to choose a real estate agent, interview him/her, and look for confidence in the answers.
  • A lack of experience is a kiss of death in this business. Not only should your real estate agent have experience as an agent, but they should also have experience selling the type of property you own in the location you are in.
  • Pay attention to your agent’s attention to detail. Repeat after me:  organized is good; disorganized is bad!
  • How media-savvy is your agent? Does he/she have an online presence, and do they know how to use it to their advantage?
  • Can they pass the word-of-mouth litmus test? Ask around and get impressions from others about your agent.  Ask that agent for references.  If they are good they will have no problem giving you references.

If you go through those six points and your agent stands tall, then chances are excellent that you have the right agent.

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