Finding a Qualified Luxury Real Estate Agent

boshLuxury real estate agent…..pretty easy words to type, right?  Four simple words.  Any real estate agent could post them on their website.  It’s no more difficult than posting “real estate agent;”  just one more word. So if any real estate agent can claim to be a luxury real estate agent, how is a person looking for luxury real estate to really know?  How do you know which agent really has the experience necessary to find you suitable luxury real estate, or which agent is capable of finding a buyer for your luxury real estate?

Those are questions worth asking, because if you are buying or selling luxury real estate, your transaction will be worth millions to you; so by extension, the decision on a real estate agent will be worth millions to you.

Who has the experience you need?  That’s the first question you need to ask as you decide on a real estate agent.  Who has a track record of buying and selling luxury real estate?  Who has the connections?  Who has a network established among luxury real estate buyers and sellers?  Who is trusted by high-end customers?  Who is recommended by other real estate professionals?  Who understands the market in which you wish to buy or sell?

Yes, any real estate agent can claim to be a luxury real estate agent, but only a few can meet the requirements set forth by those aforementioned questions.  Do your homework before you buy or sell.  Make sure you’re getting the best.

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