Types of Real Estate Investments

ogilvy From a client the other day:  “Can you talk to me about the different types of real estate investments?”

Well yes I can and yes I will.

Real estate investments can be divided into income-producing and non-income producing investments.  Just as the name suggests, there is some real estate that will make you money (produce income), and those fall under four types:  offices, retail, industrial and leased residential.  All things considered, of those four, offices are probably the most lucrative and yield the highest return on investment, but all four are sound.

Non-income-producing investments such as houses, vacation properties, and the like, do not make an investor monthly income but they do make money through capital appreciation over time.

Which is the best investment?  That’s like asking which is the best tasting, an apple or an orange.  Some investors will swear by purchasing rental homes and having a monthly income from their rent.  Other investors enjoy buying homes and flipping them for a large gain after making improvements. Still others bet on the long run and buy properties on spec that they will one day be worth more when expansion increases in the area.

The only certainty in real estate investment is you need to work with a real estate professional who can guide you through the process and help you to make the right decisions.

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