Inglewood California Real Estate Activity and Outlook

woodland hills One thing can be said for certain in light of the St. Louis Rams moving to Inglewood, California, and that is that real estate activity has increased dramatically.  That statement does not necessarily translate into real estate sales as of this moment, but discussions and plans have definitely begun.  As you might suspect, it has also led to speculation and a great many questions.

Without a doubt, real estate companies have noticed, as can be seen in recent ads of existing properties for sale….”within walking distance of the new stadium”……”just north of the new stadium site.”  All of these ads point to an important point, namely that real estate activity, and economic activity, will most likely increase dramatically between now and 2019, the proposed opening of that stadium.

In addition to the stadium, the mixed-used project will include 2,500 residential units, 890,000 square feet of retail, 780,000 square feet of offices, a hotel, casino and a 6,000 seat entertainment venue, so it is not surprising that real estate developers and real estate agents want a piece of that pie.

Is it a good investment?  The right property in the right location is definitely a good investment.  Seasoned buyers know this, and seasoned sellers are also aware that the longer they wait to sell their property the better.

And the same can be said for those in Inglewood debating whether to sell their homes or not.  Now is not the time for a homeowner in Inglewood, California to sell their home.  One thing we are absolutely positive about is that real estate prices will, eventually, rise in Inglewood.  The smart money says to hold onto existing property and homes and wait until a much better price can be had.

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