Should You Sell Your Home?

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The reasons for selling your home are many, but should you sell your home? That’s a question that really needs to be considered in today’s market.

Your home is too small.  You now have an empty nest and don’t need all those bedrooms.  You want to be closer to work and shorten your commute.  You want to upgrade to a larger home.  There are things about your current home you don’t like….and the list of possible reasons for selling goes on and on and on, but again, should you?

For many there is no choice.  Some have to relocate, and the only way they can purchase a new home is to sell the current home, but there are others who do have a choice and for those, timing is everything in real estate.

We begin with a basic assumption:  Those who sell their home wish to get as much for it as is possible.  With that assumption in mind, sit down with an experienced real estate agent who is familiar with your current neighborhood and ask them what they think.  Are you better off selling now or six months down the road?  What is the economic forecast for your area?  Will demand be up for homes next year, or down? Are there businesses moving into your area and will those businesses need home for the employees?  If so, you might be much better off waiting a year to sell, and that decision could mean, literally, hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

An experienced real estate agent, one familiar with your neighborhood, can help you navigate those uncertain waters.

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