MLB Free Agency Classifications

Let’s continue our talk about MLB Free Agency Classifications because, quite frankly, it can be a bit confusing for many sports fans. Prior to November, 2011, MLB free agents were classified as either Type A, Type B, or unclassified free agents.  Type A free agents were in the top 20% of all players based on the previous two seasons.  Type B free agents were those in the next 20%, and unclassified free agents were those remaining in the bottom 60% of players.

Teams that lost a Type A free agent, to whom they had offered arbitration, received a top draft pick from the team signing that free agent plus a supplemental draft pick in the upcoming draft as compensation.  Teams losing a Type B free agent received only a supplemental pick as compensation, and a team losing an unclassified free agent would receive no compensation.

That all changed in November, 2011, with the signing of the new collective bargaining agreement.  Since the 2012 season, players are no longer classified by type.  Instead, a team will only receive a draft pick compensation if it makes its former player an offer at least equal to the average of the 125 richest contracts.  MLB free agency changed drastically and, for the players, for the better.

To confuse matter further, the term “free agent” means quite a different thing in the other professional sports, and we’ll take a look at those designations in our next blog.

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