A New NFL Season Begins

The new NFL season kicks off September 8th, this coming Thursday, with a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl, the Denver Broncos vs the Carolina Panthers.  The fifty-three man rosters are set; the eight man practice squads are set; now what happens? Well one thing we know for sure is the jockeying for talent does not stop with the beginning of the regular season.  Each NFL team, in the last week, dropped twenty-five players.  Multiply that times 32 teams and you have a very large pool of players that each team is currently looking at and judging according to their criteria.


Naming your fifty-three man roster does not mean you must keep those fifty-three players for the entire season.  It simply means your roster is whittled down to fifty-three for the first week of the season.  Injuries happen!  Better players become available.

Teams are constantly evaluating available personnel throughout the NFL season and making adjustment to their personnel from Week 1 through Week 16.

Such is the nature of the NFL season.

If you are a player with a current position on a fifty-three man roster, it might be a good idea to always have your clothes packed in anticipation of a possible roster move.  The same is true of the practice squad players and the same is true of those originally cut from rosters.

During the NFL season, anything can and often does happen!

Play ball!

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