MLB Trade Deadline Rapidly Approaching

As of the writing of this article, a full fifteen Major League baseball teams have a realistic shot at the four available wild card spots with the MLB trade deadline rapidly approaching. Fifteen teams!

Fifteen teams, and each one must decide whether to pull the trigger on a trade between now and August 1st, five days away.

The decisions made in the next five days will greatly affect not only the outcome of this season but also seasons to come, so these are not decisions taken lightly.  In the next five days we will hear about millions of dollars spent and the relative wisdom of spending that money.  Pundits will speculate on trades and offer their expert analysis as we move forward into the final third of the baseball season.

One thing which will not be mentioned, however, is how these trades affect the professional baseball player.  We hear about these trades, and we see the dollar figures, but the human side of the trades, the disruption of lives, we never hear about.

It is that side of the business, the MLB trade deadline, as well as other trade deadlines in professional sports,  that we at are most concerned about and interested in.  It is our job to make that human relocation as painless and stress-free as possible, and we do our job well.

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