Networking is the Key to Athlete Relocation Business

IMG_2320-e1404177031976 I had a conversation recently with a local news reporter.  She needed some background information for an article she was doing about the athlete relocation business, and since I’ve been involved in this business for over a decade, she came to me for an opinion or two.

One of the questions she asked me was what does it take to be successful in the athlete relocation business?  A fair question for sure, and immediately several answers came to mind; but after a few moments I realized that all of the answers I could think of really could be combined into one answer:  it takes an agent who is committed to networking.

What is athlete relocation?  Boiled down to its most basic component, it is taking care of people.  Sure, our clients are rich and famous and yes, the services they need are relatively expensive services, but set the money factor aside and it is still a matter of taking care of the needs of our clients. Whether it be finding long-term housing, selling a home, arranging to have possessions or vehicles transported, or whatever else an athlete needs during relocation, it all comes down to making the customer happy, and that is a networking skill based on people skills.

The main reason why has been so successful for so many years is because we never lose sight of the fact that our customers come first.  We have built a networking system that focuses the majority of our attention on real people.  We show them that we care.  We treat them with respect.  We make sure they are listened to.  These things matter, and if these things are taken care of, business will come.

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