October Athlete Relocation News

October may well be the most active month for athlete relocation news.  The NFL season is into Week #5.  The NBA and NHL have both just begun their seasons.  MLB is now entering the playoff portion of their season.  And all of this means, not only entertainment for hundreds of thousands of sports fans, but also a continual inflow and outflow of athletes involving athlete relocations. Yes, professional athletes make a ton of money, but they also live a rather tenuous life, never really knowing, from season to season, which teams they will play for or whether injury will strike them down during the season.  Trades, roster cuts, injuries, all are beyond the control of the majority of professional athletes.

Just ask those professional football players who were recently injured, like Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Trevor Siemian, or NaVorro Bowman.  Just ask Chris Bosh in the NBA.  All are perfect examples of the unpredictable nature of playing professional sports, and the very real possibility that either short-term or long-term athlete relocation is most likely right around the corner for many athletes.

Preparing for the inevitable, and being able to act immediately and decisively when it happens, is the job of a professional athlete relocation agent.  If you are a professional athlete, don't wait passively for the next athlete relocation.  Call the pros at Sports Relocation, Inc. and prepare a plan for the day when your professional life is turned upside down.

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