Recent NBA Retirements

It’s been quite a year for NBA retirements. First it was Kobe Bryant.  Then it was Tim Duncan.  Then Kevin Garnett announced he was hanging them up.  And now word has arrived that Paul Pierce will be leaving the NBA after this upcoming season, his nineteenth season and second with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Pierce has always been the ultimate showman, quite comfortable in the limelight, more than willing to take the crucial shot when the game was on the line, so it seems only natural that we all will get one last chance this season to see him take center stage for one more round of applause and one more sweet jump shot.

The recent NBA retirements also bring to light the all-too-often ignored side of professional sports, namely the financial hit to athlete incomes after retirement.  Many athletes, accustomed to a certain high level of spending, find themselves with a lower retirement income and a need to adjust their lifestyles.

This can, and often is, a problem.

Plan for the financial future!  Be prepared for the day when you hang up your playing shoes and join the general populace, that is the advice financial experts are constantly telling their professional athlete clients.

Good words of advice!

Are you ready for retirement?  Will you be able to continue your current lifestyle after your playing days have ended?  If not, now is the time to sit down with financial experts.

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