The Cost of Auto Transport

car transport One of the most common of tasks we are called upon to perform for clients who are facing relocation is the transporting of their vehicles, and usually the first question they ask is what is the cost of auto transport?

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of auto transport.  Let’s take a look at a few.

SIZE:  The size of your vehicle can be a factor for many auto transport companies.  Over-sized vehicles like large SUVs or Hummers can be more expensive to haul because they take more room on the truck.

TRANSPORT MILEAGE:  Generally speaking, but not always, a longer transport will cost more.

DEPARTURE AND DELIVERY LOCATION:  Difficult locations, like dead-end roads or narrow roads, can cost more because it takes longer to load in those tight spaces.

SEASON:  Usually during peak seasons prices rise; during slack seasons prices drop.  The law of supply and demand.

PRICE OF FUEL:  The cost of fuel fluctuates. All drivers know this. That fluctuation can affect your price.

TYPE OF TRAILER:  Basically you have two choices:  open-ended or enclosed.  Enclosed trailers are more expensive as a general rule.

SHORT NOTICE FOR SPECIFIC DATES:  It is easier to find a good price for this service if ample notice is given.  Those in a rush who have given short notice are sure to find higher prices.

So, obviously, this is not as simple as just calling an auto transport company and making arrangements.  It can be confusing out there and yes, you can be taken advantage of and face hidden costs if you are not familiar with the market and industry.

The best advice we can give:  Call us and let us work our magic with proven performers we have dealt with for years.

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