To Sell or Not to Sell your Home

yolanda smith sports relocation To sell your home or not to sell your home? That is the question!

Our apologies to Shakespeare for butchering his famous line.  Quite honestly, one of the most commonly-asked questions we hear in real estate is this:  should I sell my home?

Unfortunately, although it is a popular question, there is no easy answer.  Every real estate transaction is a personal one, and each one depends on a multitude of factors.

Why do you feel the need to sell?  Has your family outgrown your current home? Are you looking for a different environment?  Have you been transferred to another city?  Are you experiencing an athlete relocation situation and even if you are, is it necessary to sell your permanent home?  Do you need more room?  Do you need more property for privacy?  Are you looking for better schools?

And then we move into the financial side of the question:  can you afford to sell your home?  What is your home worth in today’s market? What kind of mortgage payoff will there be if you sell?  Can you find a comparable home in another market if you sell?  How long will it take to find a buyer for your home and does that matter?  Is your current home even marketable?

So many questions and oftentimes so few answers; that is what the average home-seller is facing.  But you don’t have to face it alone.  Work with a real estate professional who you can trust.  Ask around.  Find someone who comes highly recommended.  Go over your list of questions and concerns and then….listen to his/her counsel.

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