What's Best for You? Lease or Buy Luxury Real Estate?

Sports Relocation Athlete Relocation If you look at the different links on our website, you’ll see one that says “Real Estate Listings,” and if you click on that one you’ll see a section for Luxury Leases as well as properties that are for sale.

Should you lease or should you buy?

This is not an easy question.  There are so many factors that enter into this discussion and we can’t possibly cover them all here, but let me just say that this decision is different for a professional athlete than it is for some guy, or gal, working on the production line at Toyota.

Most Americans have a job, they raise a family, and they buy a home as a symbol of that family life.  Their kids will grow up in that home.  They will work thirty years and retire in that home.  They see that decision to buy a home as one that will cover many years.

Not so with a professional athlete.  They face questions like “how long will I be playing in this city,” and “will I be traded soon?”  The average professional athlete faces athlete relocation every three years.  Does it really make sense to purchase luxury real estate when chances are excellent that you won’t live in it for longer than three years?  Is that really a sound investment?

That is why we have a network in place that is just for leasing properties.  We work our network to find, for you, the very best in luxury real estate that is for lease.  We will work with you on all the financial factors and help you to make an informed and wise decision.

Is leasing right for you?  Give us a call and let’s talk.

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